Director: Greg Kasander

Audition Dates:

 June 6, 2017 (8:00)

June 7,  2017 (7:30)

Callbacks June 8 2017 (7:30)


Show dates: Aug 17, 18, 19, 25, 26, 27 (3pm) , 31, Sept 1, 2.  


Two quirky estranged sisters, one will, a devious nurse, and two “less than reliable” views of reality result in an evening of drama, thrills, and absurd humor. Who is the snake in the grass at the overgrown Chester estate?

The Cast of Characters:

3 F

  • Annabel Chester (late 30s to late 50s) a formerly successful married business woman, now divorced with her business collapsed. Droll sense of humor.
  • Miriam Chester (late 30s to late 50s) Annabel's younger sister, eternally house-bound to her late father's house. Prone to wide swings of emotion.
  • Alice Moody, nurse for Annabel and Miriam's father shortly before his death. Younger than the Chester sisters. Age will be based on casting of the sisters. Dripping with sarcasm and malice.

Cold readings from the script will be provided. Be prepared with a consistent southern accent. Please wear flexible clothing to accommodate movement. This production sets the action in Louisiana.

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