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Auditions - Incorruptible

Incorruptible, written by Michael Hollinger and directed by Arnie Finkel, will have open auditions on Tuesday, July 1st (8:30pm) and Sunday, July 6th (7pm).  




CHARLES - abbot of Preseaux-50 or 0lder. Gentle, devout, pious, but when push comes to shove realistic.

BROTHER MARTIN - his second in command-40 +, realistic, practical, not overly religious-wants to preserve the monastery until he takes over

BROTHER OLF - a novice-30’s 40’s-physically large, not overly bright, inquisitive-wants more than anything to witness a miracle.

BROTHER FELIX - a novice-early 30’s-womanizer in his youth, sincerely religious 

PEASANT WOMAN - from the village-50+ crude, manipulating, shrewd, earthy, practical

JACK - a one-eyed minstrel, early 30’s-very show business, resourceful, clever, can convincingly become very religious-must juggle (not well) and sing.

MARIE - Jack’s wife of sorts and daughter to Peasant Woman.-late 20’s-good looking, very practical, can dance-must be able to be carried over the shoulder by Jack.

AGATHA - abbess of Bernay-late 50’s-large, loud, demanding, powerful, a scary woman.

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Auditions - Incorruptible