Bobby Strong: Ben Long
Hope Cladwell: Briana Marsh
Little Sally: Emma Muller
Pennywise: Elizabeth Honan
Office Lockstock: Eddie Honan
Caldwell B. Cladwell: Ben Fried
Senator Fipp: Meghan Wahl
McQueen: Max Gorman
Hot Blades Harry: Sebastian Antonio
Little Becky Two Shoes: Suzanne Rainear
Soupy Sue: Colby Langweiler
Tiny Tom: Liz Eliff
Robby the Stockfish: Kristina Kasinkas
Officer Barrel: Erin Tiffany
Old Man Strong: Roie Gat
Ma Strong: Laura Cohn
Mrs. Millenium: Courtney Katz

Dr. Billeaux: Lori Maxwell
Julie Cassidy/ UGC Executive#1/ rebel poor: Kimmy Faughey
Jacob Rosenblum/ UGC Executive #3/ Billy Boy Bill: Caleb Duffy



Urinetown is an irreverent musical comedy satire inspired by the works of Brecht and Weill. A lengthy drought has led to a ban on private toilets! Access to the public toilets everyone must use is tightly controlled by a corrupt monopoly, but a hero plans a revolution in this most unusual musical. 

Written by Greg Kotis & Mark Hollman

Performances July 13, 14, 15, 21, 22, 23*, 27, 28, 29


We are accepting donations of toiletries (shampoo, body wash, and toilet paper) at each of the performances for the Keystone Opportunity Center.


Production Crew

Director: Florence Wydra-Gat
Musical Director: Mindy Rubinlicht-Torbin
Choreographer: Jennifer Wilkinson
Co-Producers:  Laura Shapella and Lori Maxwell