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The Robber Bridegroom

Music‎ by ‎Robert Waldman | Book‎ by ‎Alfred Uhry | Lyrics‎ by ‎Alfred Uhry

This southern folktale set to music is based loosely on a Grimm fairytale, exploring themes of love, infatuation, and crime to redeem a mysterious person. A colorful collection of characters, some with dual personalities brings this musical to life. Adult themes.

June 20, 21, 22, 28, 29, 30*, July 11, 12, 13

* indicates a matinee performance at 2 PM


Director: David Deratzian
Producer: Max Minkoff
Musical Director: Mindy Rubinlicht Torban
Choreographer: Thomas A. Blair Stage Manager:  Bannie Stewart
Set Design: David Deratzian, Max Minkoff & Courtney Katz     
Costume Design: Diane Van Hekken Lighting Design: Irwin Sklar Sound Design: Chris Stewart Scenic Painting Design: Alexis Leigh Ross


Jamie Lockhart - Sebastian Antonio
Rosamund - Noelle Fiorentino
Salome - Stephanie Weidner
Clement Musgrove - Max Minkoff
Little Harp - Brian Schwartz
Goat - A. Minkoff
Big Harp - David Massa
Raven - Allison Deratzian
Airie - Sarah Smolar
Goat's Mother - Heiki-Lara Nyce

Ashley Buttillo, Julie Coulton, Max Gorman, Ann Kashishian, Gillian Szymanski, Audrey Weidner, Kathleen Siddall