Aunt Rose:  Barb Hsnnevig

Bud:  Luke Payson

Vinny:  Tim Courtney

Emily:  Sophie Asher

Officer Henley:  Roie Gat

Beth:  Olivia Greco

Tracy:  Lillian Pyskaty

Bunny:  Kristin Cichowski

Uncle Leo:  Pat McGurk

Janet:  Allison Fisher

Mrs. Draper:  Jean Laustsen

Paul:  Gryphon Faulkner

Tony:  Jeff Frost

Dad/Thomas:  David DiLiberto

Mrs. Wakowski:  Nancy Kadwill


Christmas Eve, a goofy family, nosy neighbors, and two inept robbers make for a laugh-a-minute comedy, especially when one of the burglars helps the women cook the holiday dinner. The hilarity continues right up to the heartfelt holiday ending.

Performances Nov 9, 10, 11, 17, 18, 19*, 30, Dec 1, 2


Production Crew

Director: Thomas ArmstrongEmily:  S
Producer: David Deratzian

Set Design:  Claire Hughes

BOD Advisor:  Joe Welsh

Costumes:  Sherry Yerger