All My Sons

By Arthur Miller

A moment of panic and cowardice in a business supporting the war effort leads to a dark family secret that haunts the Keller family. When that secret is revealed, tragedy occurs. This is an American classic.

August 8, 9, 10, 16, 17, 18*, 22, 23, 24

* indicates a matinee performance at 2 PM


Joe Keller: John Pinto
Mother (Kate Keller): Michele Loor Nicolay
Chris Keller: Eric Rupp
Ann Deever: Emily Addis
George Deever: Ryan Kirchner
Dr. Jim Bayliss: John Slibaugh
Sue Bayliss: Deb Marotta
Frank Lubey: David Richman
Lydia Lubey: Lauren Kirchner
Bert: John Brocagh Lynn

Director: Arnie Finkel
Co-Producers: Ro Carpenter and Cathy Carroll