The Hallelujah Girls


The Rimers of Eldritch

2/5/19    8:15 pm (after mtg)

2/7/19   7:00 pm

2/10/19 2:00 - 4:00 pm

Click here for audition form and details.

The Robber Bridegroom

3/9/19 1:00 pm

3/11/19 7:00 pm

Auditions will consist of singing, dancing and readings from the script.

Song: Prepare a cutting approximately 1 minute long in the style of the show (Americana/Bluegrass). A song from the show is acceptable. Cutting must be capable of being accompanied on piano, and appropriate sheet music must be presented. No a capella permitted. If you play an instrument other than piano (guitar, fiddle, banjo, etc.) and wish to self-accompany, please feel free to do so.

All My Sons

6/4/19 8:30 pm

6/8/19 10:00 am

6/9/19 10:00 am CALLBACKS


JOE KELLER     61 years old.  Blue collar mentality, can be bull headed, lives with a memory of wrong doing. Family first

KATE KELLER (MOTHER) MID 50’S- runs the family, cannot believe that her son is dead, even though she has doubts.

CHRIS KELLER-Early 30’s—very moral, lost men in his command in the war, works with his father.  In love with Ann

ANN DEEVER-Late 20’S- was engaged to Larry (missing for three years) but now ready to marry Chris.  Lived next door to the Keller’s, is sure Larry is dead

GEORGE DEEVER-(ACT TWO ONLY) late 20’s, Ann’s brother, is against her marring Chris, believes Joe is guilty not his father

DR. JIM BAYLESS Late 40’S-next door neighbor to Keller’s, not happy with the job he is doing, gives in to his wife, good friend to Chris

SUE BAYLESS-Jim’s wife, ex-nurse. Wants more out of life.  Sort of hefty woman.

FRANK LUBBY-Next door neighbor to Keller’s.   Knew both sons, interested in astrology.

LYDIA LUBBY-Frank’s wife.  Has three kids, was love interest of George Deever.  Bubble brain.

BERT-8-9 years old (FIRST ACT ONLY) Neighborhood kid, plays cops and robbers with Joe.

See How They Run

6/9/19 1:00 pm

6/10/19 6/10/19 7:00 pm

Auditions will consist of readings from the script. Audition information and sides may be downloaded here.

"See How They Run" is a very physical farce. Most characters must be able to run, jump, and fall down. Please wear comfortable shoes and clothes to the audition. Also, timing will be critical, so cast members will need to be off book earlier in the rehearsal process.

Please fill out this form before auditioning.To download the form, click here.


Reverend Lionel Toop (20s-30s, BRITISH, RP accent)
Vicar of the village, a bit beyond his element trying to balance his staid job and his beloved free-spirited wife. Appears in his underwear for short periods.
Penelope Toop (20s-30s, AMERICAN) Former USO actress, now married to Lionel. She loves Lionel but cannot conform to the “proper" lifestyle of a vicar’s wife. Ida, the Maid (18-22, BRITISH, Cockney accent) Irreverent and flirty scene-stealer
Miss Skillon (20s-30s, BRITISH, Heightened but not necessarily perfect RP accent) Selfrighteous, prudish, and jealous village spinster, had wished she’d marry Lionel. Must also play drunk, flirty, and utterly passed out even as others are jumping over her.
Corporal Clive Winton (20s-30s, AMERICAN) Friend and former cast-mate of Penelope’s. Handsome, charming, and eventually becomes unraveled.
The Man (20s-40s, RUSSIAN, light Russian accent) An escaped spy.
The Bishop of Lax (40s+, BRITISH, heightened/old-fashioned RP accent) Penelope’s very proper uncle.
Reverend Arthur Humphrey (20s-40s, BRITISH, any British accent) Sweet, mild mannered, easily flustered.
Sergeant Towers (30s+ BRITISH, Cockney or Yorkshire accent) Gruff and blustery. Only appears in Act 3.


Review of British accents:
RP and Heightened/Old-fashioned RP: