Corey Woodson - Sean Collins

Doris Woodson - Emily West

Jennie Woodson - Barbara Hannevig

Harley Woodson - Ben Kendall

Velma Mackey - Ginny Swann

Luther Briggs - Joe Tranchitella

Among the last residents in a town declared a toxic waste site is an elderly couple with a failing general store. The woman wants to move in with their son, but the husband refuses to leave the land that gave him both a livelihood, and deadly cancer. A story of how a family wrestles with love and change.

Performances October 5, 6, 7, 13, 14, 15*, 19, 20, 21

*Designates a 3 p.m. Matinee.  

Curtain for all other performances is 8 p.m.


Production Crew

Director: Greg Kasander

Producer: Courtney Katz

Stage Manager:  Kim Paczkowski

BOD Advisor:  Arnie Finkel