Theseus Tim Courtney
Hippolyta Ann Kashishian
Hermia Catharine Carmody
Helena Mackenzie Moyer
Lysander Nick Cardillo
Demetrius Justin Caiazzo
Egeus Mark Benson
Philostrate Joe Welsh
Oberon Andy Maksymowych
Titania Allison Deratzian
Peaseblossom/1st Fairy/Soloist Emma Muller
Cobweb/Soloist Chelsea Sharp
Moth Lillian Pyskaty
Mustardseed Ivy Yeager
Sprite #1 Jaiden Herbetko
Sprite #2 Grace Rogers
Peter Quince Curtis Cockenberg
Nick Bottom Chris Braak
Francis Flute Evan Sherwood
Robin Starveling Jared Pinkham
Snug Tim Carmody
Snout Pat McGurk
Puck Zoe Muller



Sponsored by:  Waltz Golf Farm in Limerick PA


                       Gene T. Yerger, Author

Shakespeare’s lighthearted comedy features young people falling in and out of love, and a Fairy Queen infatuated with a man transformed into a donkey. Every hilarious misadventure is orchestrated by a mischievous sprite named Puck

Written by Wiliam Shakespeare

Performances July 14, 15, 16. 22, 23, 28, 29, 30. Matinee July 24 at 3pm.



Production Crew

Director: Chuck Yerger

Producer:  Lori Maxwell

Set/Master Carpenter:  Jeff Maxwell

Stage Manager:  Joe Welsh

Asst Stage Manager:  Abby Sturgis

Lighting:  Ryan Kadwill

Costumes:  Sherry Yerger

BOD Advisor:  Dennis Christoferetti